Art in Bloom


On Sunday, March 7, 2010, three designers were presented with People’s Choice Awards for their winning floral designs at Art in Bloom  at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates.  Debbie Hughes received First Place; Ena McGrattan received Second Place; and Suzy Valentine received Third Place.  Estates president & CEO, Chris Pendleton and Fort Myers-Lee County Garden Council president, Mitzie Marckesano presented the awards. 


Winners of the Peoples Choice Award: Suzy Valentine, Debbie Hughes, and Ena McGrattan


Art in Bloom, a collaborative project of the Estates and the Fort Myers-Lee County Garden Council, combined art work with floral design. Floral Designers included:  Glenda Campbell, Lois Gressman, Judy Gore, Debbie Hughes, Sandy Kavouras, Theo Kavouras, Betty Mazzarella, Ena McGrattan, Brenda Norris, Jan Padgett, Chris Pendleton, Gloria Freitas Steidinger, Winnie Stone, Darlene Thompkins, Suzy Valentine, and Nancy Wheeler.

The following artists were inspiration for the floral designs:  Manfred Behr, Edison Botanic Research Lab and Edison Estate Banyan Tree; Augusta Crane, ceramic flower sconce; James DiGiorgio, Born of Fire; Pat Dunne, Sea Grapes; Marie Dyer, Parrot;  Karen Flanders, Dot Heart;  Kim Hambor, Edison Estate Bamboo Leaves and Edison Family Collage;  Leoma Lovegrove, Sea Tow and Firebird; Nadine Miller, Banana Leaf;  Bill North, Edison Seminole Lodge; Ellen Sheppard, Golden Sawgrass; Southwest Florida Quilters Guild, and Barbara Yeomans.

“The floral designs were spectacular,” said Pendleton.  “Nearly 300 ballots were cast from members of the Estates, Garden Clubs and visitors.  The exhibit was a huge success and the Estates plans to continue Art in Bloom every season.”

Estates Board of Trustee Helen Hendry; Estates president & CEO Chris Pendleton; Debbie Hughes and Ena McGrattan

Fort Myers-Lee County Garden Council president Mitzi Marckesano and husband Patrick

Estates Board of Trustee LD Bochette and Estates garden volunteer Mary Ann Sedlock


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